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Inside this week's EW


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So, Newbies — was it good for you?

And for an even more in-depth look at last night’s New Girl, here’s star Jake Johnson and creator Liz Meriwether on Jess and Nick’s… you know, as well as the episode’s alternate ending.

Here are our predictions, arranged network by network. (NBC’s not looking good, guys.)

We check in with what the cast of The O.C. is up to these days… just ‘cause.

Welcome to the EW, bitch!

One show not on the pickup list for now: Glee. The comedy/musical is expected to return for a fifth season, but negotiations between Fox and its studio are still ongoing.

Rory Gilmore: coming back to a TV near you, if Fox picks up the Americanized version of Gavin & Stacey.

Fox’s Delirium pilot has found its Hana.

Perhaps threatened by the high-impact stage presence of Mariah Carey’s boobs, Nicki Minaj has begun to fancy her constant side-eyes as two more main characters on American Idol. Can she please cut it out and cede the spotlight to the real stars of the show — Keith Urban’s highlights?

If it’s a little crack, I try to match the skin tone of the crack [to make it] look like one big butt without a crack. If it’s a big crack, we have to do it ‘edge to edge’ — I need to blur part of the leg.

This interview with the guy who’s in charge of pixelating butts and brand logos on COPS is really fascinating stuff.

Lauren Oliver fans: Emma Roberts will play Lena in Fox’s Delirium pilot. (Yes, they’re trying to make a TV show based on Delirium). Think she fits the role?

We’d Calcutta bitch if she stood between us and Schmidt.

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