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You don’t have to let it go just yet—ABC is going to air a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Frozen. 

Jeremy Jordan does a mean Elsa.

The part where she sings "let the storm rage OOOOOOONNN," though.

Not like we’re a Frozen fanblog now, or anything… but one more thing: Actual video footage of the movie’s stars singing live last weekend. (FF to 1:30 for “Let It Go.)


For the first time in forever (slash the only time… ever), the cast of Frozen performed the movie’s music live together — and we were there.

The Olympics open with Bob Costas reporting from… Elsa’s ice palace?

Disney has confirmed to EW that Frozen is in early development for the stage. In other words: “LET IT GO” LIVE. Who’s ready for a celebratory snowball fight?

A 4-year-old sings “Let It Go,” to great effect. Partial translation of what she seems to actually be saying:

Ledda dough, ledda dough
A wine may, I da dough
Ledda dough, ledda dough
A boy is on my door
I don’t tare
What deer die to say
Some may draw
Toe letter bottom me anyway

(Full translation can be found here.)


this is the only frozen-related gifset you’ll ever need

We actually asked the composers of Frozen about this very moment!

“It was an unconscious callback to Arrested Development,” Lopez says with a laugh when asked if he meant to recall Michael and Lindsay Bluth. “I think we had seen [that] episode once, and we did the joke, and realized that we had kind of made an homage. And then we tried to rewrite it, but we kept it because we couldn’t come up with anything better. Because Arrested Development is amazing.”

His wife remembers things slightly differently. “I will say that I think I wrote that line and I hadn’t seen the show — but that sandwiches are a very big part of our writing experience…We were always eating bagels when I was writing these lyrics.” In fact, Anderson-Lopez jokes, “if I could have put more sandwiches in, I would have.”

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