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Inside this week’s EW

Inside this week's EW


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Sure, Joffrey Baratheon covers this week’s issue of EW. But what if we had gone with another psychopath instead — one who knows a thing or two about heading right into the danger zone?

Behold an alternate cover for the issue, which also contains a pretty nifty Archer feature — and a cool cast “photo” we’ve handily transformed into desktop wallpaper. Long live ISIS!

(Illustration by Floyd County/FX Networks for EW)

Look how cool the magazine’s title is this week!

And, oh yeah: There’s also an awesome cover story about Sons of Anarchy.

Do you like Phil Collins?

If so, you might also like this news: FX is developing a TV-series sequel to Bret Easton Ellis’s controversial modern classic American Psycho. Here’s the official logline:

“In the new drama series, iconic serial killer Patrick Bateman, now in his mid-50’s but as outrageous and lethal as ever, takes on a protégé in a sadistic social experiment who will become every bit his equal — a next generation American Psycho.”

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to return some videotapes.

… Winning?

Did you guys check out The Americans on FX last night? Ken Tucker is cautiously optimistic about it; what did you think of the show?

I should just say that it’s American Horror Story: Bret Easton Ellis and the whole thing is set in his mind. Wouldn’t that be brilliant? Maybe that’s season four.

In our season 2 postmortem, Ryan Murphy teases what’s in store for AHS's third season. Now that sounds scary.

Exclusive: EW has learned that American Horror Story season 1 star Taissa Farmiga  is in talks to rejoin the series for season 3.

Says Ryan Murphy: “I missed her this season. There wasn’t really a role for her. I feel very protective of her and I didn’t want her to go back into the loony bin—it was too dark. So I thought, ‘Well, I want Taissa to be one of the leads next year.’ I called her up and pitched her the character for the season and she loved it and she said, ‘Yes let’s do it.’ So we’re in negotiations for her to headline season 3.”

Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam and makeup artist Michelle Garbin take us behind the scenes of FX’s hit in this awesome photo gallery, which features plenty of black and white (and full color!) eye candy.

This week in EW: Be thankful for the early release of our latest issue, which takes a closer look behind the scenes of FX’s most successful series ever.

Whether you like it or not, Charlie Sheen is coming back to TV. Here’s a short teaser for his new show, Anger Management — think you’ll watch?

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