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Just when you thought you’d seen all of our stunning portraits from Comic-Con…we go and drop 20 bonus shots on you. 

Anna Paquin, Tatiana Maslany, Natalie Dormer, the cast of The Vampire Diaries, and 16 more here.

Photo Credit: Michael Muller for EW.

This past Friday at Comic-Con,Game of Thrones announced 9 new cast members.

Get excited.

There are a lot of words to describe this Game of Thrones blooper reel.

 And one of them is EPIC.

See more stunning portraits from our Comic-Con studio…

Day 1  ::  Day 2  ::  Day 3

Photo credit: Michael Muller for EW.

How we reached GIFus Maximus today. 

We’re makin’ tons of GIFs, you guys. Check ‘em out here: 

If this isn’t the best ‘Thrones’-related GIF yet then we don’t know what is. 

Don’t think ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ will get finished? ‘F— you,’ says George R.R. Martin 


You’ll soon be able to drink Game of Thrones wine. 

George R.R. Martin teases what’s to come in Winds of Winter, here’s what he had to say

Queen Elizabeth watched the throne….but that’s it

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