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"I hate it." 

Daniel Radcliffe is not pleased with his 'Half-Blood Prince' performance. 

Warner Brothers has created a Harry Potter Global Franchise Development team

“There are two facts that tend to amaze people,” says Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe. “That during my whole life I’ve only spent four weeks total in L.A. and that I’ve never been to Comic-Con.”

Daniel Radcliffe shared his first-ever Comic-Con experience with us. 

This is not your mother’s college sports team. Your cool aunt’s, though, maybe.

Watch the trailer for Quidditch documentary ‘Mudbloods’ here. 

There are a bunch of new UK Harry Potter covers (and you may or may not be able to buy them.)

See 6 more here.

See more stunning portraits from our Comic-Con studio…

Day 1  ::  Day 2  ::  Day 3

Photo credit: Michael Muller for EW.

Calling this selective remorse..

"I hated killing some of those people.”—J.K. Rowling on the Battle of Hogwarts: 

Figured this joke might be better for the Tumblr crowd. (P.S. Watch with us!)

Rupert Grint is hanging out with Sirius Black!!

Wait, hold up — that’s Daniel Radcliffe.

Like tons of your fans, I think your books are perfect as-is. They’re perfect not because every word and subplot works, but perfect because when I look back on my reading experience, it’s a flawless, deeply treasured memory. Because of who you are, and your privileged position as the creator of all this, when you start to adjust things — even just by speculation — it changes those memories and facts I thought I knew to be true. I should be able to separate the two, but because in my mind I essentially think of you as Goddess of Magic, I can’t; when you speak, I take it as gospel.

A die-hard Potterite explains why she wishes J.K. Rowling had kept her Harry/Hermione thoughts to herself.

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