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Next week on Glee: The club’s members are transforming into comic book-style heroes! We’ve got an exclusive look at everyone’s super alter ego — including Blonde Chameleon (Sam), Dr. Y (Artie), and, er, Asian Persuasion (Tina).

mikescollins replied to your photo: Damn, Heather Morris!


Damn, Heather Morris!

Have you been wondering about the future of Puck and Lauren, or whether Finn and Rachel will ever get back together, or why Mercedes has had about four minutes of screen time all season?

Well, if so, you’re in luck. EW’s own Tim Stack will be moderating PaleyFest’s Glee panel this Wednesday night, and he wants to know what questions you want to ask Ryan Murphy, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer, Jane Lynch, Heather Morris, Naya Rivera, and the rest of the show’s cast and creative team. He’ll be posting the results after the discussion—so get to it, Gleeks!

Glee covers vs. the originals: Who sang ‘em better? Vote in our poll!

Zombie Brittany’s got the same vacant stare as Regular Brittany.

See more on the set photos — of Glee’s Thriller episode as well as Katy Perry on HIMYM, Justin Bieber and Ozzy filming their Super Bowl commercial, and Russell Brand shooting ”Arthur” — at EW.com.

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