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This 400,000-piece, 170-square-foot Lego replica of Hogwarts Castle might be the coolest thing we’ve ever seen.Thankfully, its creator also uploaded 79 photos of the castle onto Flickr so that fellow superfans can properly obsess over it.

For the Harry Potter obsessive on your holiday list, if you are a gazillionaire: One of just 3,000 $1,000 collector’s sets that chronicle Harry’s journey from page to film in eight volumes designed to resemble books from the Hogwarts library.

And yes, one of them does look like The Monster Book of Monsters.

Andrew leaned across and took the joint, giggling in anticipation, and at the beatific smile on Fats’ face, which was quite at odds with his usual constipated scowl.

Whoa, guys: We’re definitely not at Hogwarts anymore.

Check out 9 more swear-filled NSFW lines from JK Rowling’s new novel, The Casual Vacancy.

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