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Remember that raffle for a walk-on role in Star Wars Episode VII? Meet the newly named winner

We posted it. Now we over-analyze it.

Exclusive video from J.J. Abrams!

Is this a new movie? Is this a new TV show? Is this the J.J. Abrams equivalent of that horse waiting by the window inside a building captioned “SOON?”

Regardless, we all know is he sure loves his pre-release mysteries.

This week in EW: We’ve got your first look at Star Trek Into Darkness, which can be found behind two different collector’s covers. And yes, Internet — Benedict’s on one of them.

Every choice we make, every costume fitting, every pad of makeup, every set that’s built — all that stuff becomes less magical if it’s discussed and revealed and pictures are posted online. I just want to make sure that when somebody sees something in a movie they didn’t watch a 60-minute behind-the-scene [video] that came out two months before… If I’ve [already] seen how ILM or whatever visual effects company made that look real, you’re ruining it before it even exists.

So that’s the secret behind J.J. Abrams’s ultra-secrecy.

Combine these eight movies, and you’ll be left with Super 8.

Man, how friggin’ adorable are the kids from Super 8? We’ve got more red carpet premiere photos—J.J. Abrams! Steven Spielberg! Josh Holloway, for some reason!—at EW.com.

This week in EW: J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg talk Super 8. Also, be sure to read Lisa Schwarzbaum’s grade-A review of the new film.

Fox wanted to know what they were getting into; they did not want to get into a situation where it was a completely up-for-grabs scenario. They asked for the explanation of what’s going on to a large degree. Obviously they didn’t say, ‘give us every script synopsis and tell us what happens in the series finale,’ but they wanted the main headlines of what the show is about, what the backstory is.

J.J. Abrams reassures us that the writers of his new show, Alcatraz, won’t just be making stuff up as they go along. (You listening, Darlton?)

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