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Kristen Wiig and Julia Roberts KILLED IT on the red carpet at tonight’s Emmys.

Photo credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images.

Not everyone on Drunk History is drunk: we talk to costume designer Christina Mongini on dressing famous people as fractured versions of other famous people.

Like you needed another reason to want to be Kristen Wiig: She gets to sleep with Darren Criss in her next movie, Girl Most Likely. See the clip here.

Color us excited.

Who was Saturday Night Live's best host this season?

That headline is as important as the article itself.

When Technology Won’t Work



A little Kristen Wiig goes a long way on a Monday.

We asked you to help us rank Kristen Wiig’s best and worst SNL characters — and here’s how the results shook out. (Hey Gilly: Sorry.)

Ah, to hang out on the couch with these two.

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