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Sad day — the B in Apt. 23 has been evicted.

But what of The Beek?!

Don’t Trust the B— channels Varsity Blues. We DO want their life.

Chloe, the titular b— in Apt. 23, is terrible, horrible, no good, very bad news. She finds roommates, steals their money, then acts so awful that they move out. She has no qualms about getting an 11-year-old boy drunk or selling illegal Chinese energy tablets on the black market. She’ll screw your fiance on your birthday cake to prove a point. She’s best friends with James Van Der Beek.

ABC is hoping that despite all this, viewers will love Chloe — or at least keep tuning in to see what appalling thing she does next. But can we really be expected to root for, or even tolerate, a character who has basically no redeeming qualities? What do you think? And, more generally, how do you feel about Apt. 23's pilot?

Oh, Apartment 23, you had me at “Hey, Tiger Beat.” And Krysten Ritter. And that nod to Varsity Blues.

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