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We haven’t been this excited for a Lifetime movie since… ever.

Oh man: Sally Draper’s playing a brother-lover in Lifetime’s new adaptation of Flowers in the Attic. For reals.

Here’s an exclusive teaser photo for Lifetime’s Witches of East End based on the book by Melissa de la Cruz.

Ready for the Witching Hour?

In case you missed it this weekend: Our Top 10 ‘Troubled Teen’ Lifetime Movies gallery is pretty ace, especially if you love She’s Too Young. (And who doesn’t?)

As promised: Here’s Breaking Bad as a Lifetime movie. (It works surprisingly well.)

Today’s most burning question; vote on our homepage.

SPOILER ALERT: Not a whole damn lot. Lifetime’s Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, anyone?

The official poster for Lifetime’s Liz & Dick. Why don’t they just abandon pretense and call it Liz, a.k.a. Lindsay Lohan, who is the only reason you’re watching this movie in the first place?

Lindsay as Liz

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to inform you that Marrying Hef — a Lifetime special that was set to chronicle the upcoming nuptials of 85-year-old Playboy founder Hugh Hefner to his fiance, 25-year-old Playmate Crystal Harris — has been postponed indefinitely. We’re mostly sad about this because it also means we’ve been deprived of a host of spin-offs:

Honeymooning With Hef
Eating Dinner At 3 p.m. With Hef
Puttering Around With Hef
Hef Keeps Offering Me Werther’s Originals
Divorcing With Hef
Hef Rebounding With Someone That Looks Exactly Like Crystal Harris
Rebound Lady Marrying Hef
Crystal: What The Hef You Guys?! (immediately following Kendra on E!)
“I’m A Boat Captain!”: The Hugh Hefner Story

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