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The ‘wide-set vagina’ [line] is one I have a special affection for because that’s the line we had to throw ourselves in front of the train tracks with the MPAA [for], because they didn’t want to let us keep that line. We made a whole stink about them being sexist because ‘Anchorman’ had Will Ferrell walking around with an erection. Like, you really think a teenage girl speaking about her anatomy [is the problem]? We threw everything at them, and they finally said, ‘FINE! You can keep the line.’

We talked to a whole slew of folks (director Mark Waters! Damian! Aaron Samuels! Kevin G! Gretchen Wieners!) about making Mean Girls — all in honor of the movie’s 10th (!!) anniversary.

Yeah, we’re going to watch Lindsay’s reality show in spite of ourselves.

Today’s most important picture: Lindsay Lohan and Daniel Franzese, a.k.a. DAMIAN FROM MEAN GIRLS, just hanging out. (They got dinner; Daniel says we can’t sit with them.)

Lindsay Lohan was on Oprah’s Next Chapter last night. We watched it, so you can read about the juiciest parts. Several Amy Poehler/Seth Meyers style “Really?!” were bandied about.

Kristen Stewart told off paparazzi this week, and there’s a video of this on TMZ. She’s hiding behind a gate, waiting to get into a car, and she said, ‘You’re a piece of sh— and you don’t deserve to breathe the same air that I do.’ I’m just excited that Kristen Stewart finally showed some emotion.

Lindsay Lohan just might make an excellent host when she steps in for Chelsea Handler next week.

In honor of Lindsay Lohan’s 27th birthday, here are 27 reasons we’re still fascinated by her. (Mean Girls was almost reasons 2-27, but we managed to resist.)

Lindsay Lohan was really good on Letterman last night! Seriously! We’re not being sarcastic!

Box office disaster: Lindsay Lohan film ‘InAPPropriate Comedy,’ directed by the ShamWow guy, earns $625 per theater

A film that you probably weren’t aware even existed, starring Lindsay Lohan, Michelle Rodriguez, and Adrien Brody (the man has an Oscar, remember?) and directed by Vince Offer — a.k.a. the ShamWow/Slap Chop infomercial pitchman (and alleged prostitute beater) — just had one of the worst box office debuts since The Oogieloves in the BIG Balloon Adventure.

Yes, people, this really got made.


… Winning?

I think the issue was every other [cast member] was so comfortable, it made Lindsay feel like she didn’t matter. …I think Lindsay wanted [the nudity] to be a bigger deal than it was. She needs attention. [She wanted the crew to be naked] and they just laughed.

In which we ask porn star James Deen what it’s really like to make a movie with Lindsay Lohan. (Despite the quote, it’s not that kind of movie.)

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