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Hunger Games host Caesar Flickerman knows how to rock a pink pompadour and a patterned suit.

It is VERY different.*

*May be a lie.

Hunger Games director Gary Ross has yet to ink a deal for the sequel. (He wants a bigger payday — makes sense, since the first movie has already made roughly 8 bazillion dollars.) Lionsgate and Ross will need to resolve their dispute relatively quickly if they want to stay on schedule for Catching Fire's November 2013 release.

Is the Hunger Games series going to be split into four movies?


Maybe; maybe not. In a conference call with Wall Street analysts, some Lionsgate execs revealed that the studio was planning to follow the recent trend of splitting the final book in series like Harry Potter and Twilight into two films. But the plan isn’t solid yet; the focus remains on the first film and how it performs next March. (Lionsgate had no comment when contacted about this by EW.)

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