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Blerg: We’re still not ready to say goodbye to you, Liz Lemon.

Kevin “Dotcom” Brown tweets last-ever photo from the 30 Rock set; a nation mourns.

Obviously the best part of 30 Rock's awesome wedding episode. (They must have created this GIFbait on purpose, right?)

(via hellogiggles)

Presenting EW’s official 30 Rock-tionary, everything from “avian bone syndrome” to “zing!”

Lemon out!

At this point, EW may just be a Tina Fey appreciation magazine.

But somehow, we doubt you guys mind. More on this exclusive, Brigitte Bardot-inspired photo here.

Blerg! Have you seen our exclusive clip from 30 Rock’s seventh season premiere yet?

The Interactive Emmy Watch Wheel!

Zooey Deschanel chats about S&M, Tina Fey discusses Liz Lemon’s maternal future, Alison Brie talks the Dreamatorium, Aaron Paul gives the scoop on Breaking Bad, and so much more. But actually so much more. Like, we couldn’t fit it all on one wheel, so we had to make two. Because that’s how many interviews we had.

Will the real Lemonem please stand up?

Yesterday Childish Gambino (Community's Donald Glover) released his new mixtape, Royalty. Perhaps more importantly, Tina Fey shows up for a guest appearance.

Sample lyric: “My president is black and my Prius is blue, motherfucker!”

The guest spot isn’t so much an actual rap verse as it is parodied ad-libbing, but it’s Tina Fey, so she could do much worse and still get our attention.

Fun fact: Glover used to be a writer for 30 Rock, and according to what Fey told us, he still lived in an NYU dorm when he first got started.

What’s your character math?

Let Sandra Gonzalez explain:

This weekend, while reading the latest EW Summer Movie Math post, I starting thinking about how I perceive myself – in movie math terms.

We all relate to different aspects of our favorite characters on TV and in movies, but it’s a whole other (very time-consuming) game when you try to calculate your personal movie math — which, for these purposes, we’ll call Character Math. It took me two days of sporadic thought to come up with something satisfactory. Here’s what I concluded (share yours, too, so I’m not the only painfully self-absorbed person here!): 

Ron Swanson – mustache + Blair Waldorf – [money + lots of pretty clothes] + Cher Horowitz’s driving skills + Cameron Fry = Sandra

Verrrry interesting. I haven’t given the matter enough thought to come up with a firm equation, but I know mine will involve Meg Murry (from A Wrinkle in Time), Liz Lemon, and a healthy dose of Daria (sensing a pattern?). Hows about you?

Oh hey, animated Tina Fey!

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