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Attention, left-coast folk: EW’s LA bureau is looking for an intern!

EW’s Los Angeles bureau is looking for an editorial intern for the summer term. The internship program is open to rising college seniors, graduate students and recent graduates (within two years of graduation) who can work a 5-day, 35-hour week out of our office, located at 11766 Wilshire Blvd. We’re looking for applicants with strong writing and reporting skills who are passionate about entertainment.

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Oscar preparations have begun at L.A.’s Dolby Theater — and EW has 15 exclusive backstage photos to prove it. This is where (and how) the magic happens!

Jason Reitman’s next staged reading: an all-female version of Glengarry Glen Ross, starring Robin Wright, Catherine O’Hara, Maria Bello, Allison Janney, and Mae Whitman. Click through for exclusive details on who’s playing whom.

Jason Reitman’s next star-studded live reading is upon us! Well, “us” who live in L.A. Here’s the cast so far:

– Shailene Woodley, who played George Clooney’s combative eldest daughter in The Descendants, will play the part of Tracy, the high-school girl Allen’s character is dating. The role was originated by Mariel Hemingway, who received an Oscar nomination for it.

– Fred Savage, who recreated the little-kid version of himself in Reitman’s live-read last year of The Princess Bride and the role of lickspittle Brandt in their staged version of The Big Lebowski, will co-star as Yale, the part of Allen’s best friend, originated by Michael Murphy.

– Parenthood star Erika Christensen has agreed to step into Meryl Streep’s shoes for the role of Jill, the ex-wife of Allen’s character — who is writing a book about him.

– Mae Whitman, who co-stars with Christensen on Parenthood, will play Yale’s wife Emily, originated by Anne Byrne.

– And Jason Mantzoukas, perhaps best known as the wooly bearded Rafi on The League, will play Dennis, which was originated by the late, great Saturday Night Live comedy writer Michael O’Donoghue.

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