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'Magic Mike XXL'  release date is set! 

Joe Manganiello is writing a fitness book called — deep breath — Joe Manganiello’s Evolution: The Cutting-Edge Guide to Breaking Down Mental Walls and Building the Body You’ve Always Wanted.

Long title; great abs.

I’m 16, so I’m a little timid. I’m just worried about going to jail. So at the first bar, I was kind of scared. But then the girls were like, ‘Come over here!’ And we all started drinking off the tap. By the time [we got to] the second or the third bar, one of the bars had those cowboy doors. And by then I was f–king lit, and I was feeling it. So I kick those cowboy doors in and I go, ‘AAARRRGH!’ And the whole bar full of adults turns and goes, ‘AAARRRGH!’ And it was on. I’m leaning on the bar, squirting [the rum] in their mouths, squirting it in mine. I was singing Marilyn Manson covers with the band by the end.

Joe Manganiello — who turns 36 today — on playing Captain Morgan in Pittsburgh bars from the ages of 16 to 21.

Happy birthday, bro.

Joe Manganiello tells us all about his five favorite stops on the Magic Mike press tour. More importantly: SHIRTLESS VIDEOS OF JOE MANGANIELLO!

Yeah, that’s what gets a dude named Sexiest Man Alive. Check out nine more im-pec-able Channing Tatum shirtless scenes over yonder.

Here’s our awesome Magic Mike portrait gallery, featuring big, beautiful photos of cover stars Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, and Matthews Bomer and McConaughey. There is water. There are pecs. This is the best Friday ever.

You thought we were finished posting photos from our Magic Mike story? You thought wrong.

And, as a bonus, here’s an incredible snippet from our roundtable interview with the cast:

EW: They told you to wax for the movie?
Channing Tatum: Yeah, you can’t be a hairy stripper.
Joe Manganiello: I have no [body] hair.
Tatum: I actually don’t have any hair either, but I mean, you can’t really even have hair down there. [To Manganiello] Do you have hair down there? Or are you like a baby?
Manganiello: I…you know…I…I adhere to proper grooming techniques.
Tatum: You manscape?
[Manganiello nods.]
Matthew McConaughey: You did? Before this movie?
Manganiello: Yeah, man. I’m Sicilian and Armenian, okay? You gotta do something. [Laughs]

This week in EW: Channing Tatum and the cast of Magic Mike bare (almost) all. EW brought Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Joe Manganiello, and Matt Bomer back together for a wet and wild photo shoot followed by a rowdy, booze-soaked dinner, where the costars swapped their best stories about acting, waxing, and stripping in their new film.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We’ve got to talk about playing a stripper in Magic Mike.
MATT BOMER: Exotic dancer. We have pride. [Smiles]

You had to get waxed, right? Did it hurt?
Yes and yes.

Have you waxed before?
I had never been waxed before. I did have to get partially waxed. I’m not a very hairy individual to begin with, but it was painful. But more than that, the pain didn’t bother me so much, it was more the feeling of feeling kind of prepubescent again, walking around with no hair on your legs, in jeans, feeling kind of naked all the time, that was odd.

Did it grow back okay?
Actually, the regrowth process was really s—-y — itchy, uncomfortable. I have a newfound appreciation for women, between the waxing, self-tanning, the constant gym time; I have a whole new profound respect for women and what they go through.

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