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It’s hard to know where to begin to dismantle the smugness and intellectual dishonesty in Orson Scott Card’s words. His assertion that gay rights are now “moot” in a country in which 37 states still consider my marriage unworthy of recognition is weak enough, but I’d rather move on to his self-serving appropriation of “tolerance.” No group of people is required to tolerate those who would oppress them, but beyond that, Card is using calm and temperate language to disguise the extremity of his position. He’s not simply against marriage equality; as recently as 2008, he publicly called for straight married Americans to unite in an effort to “destroy” their “mortal enemy,” by which he meant a revolutionary overthrow of any U.S. government led by “dictator-judges” who support same-sex marriage. He’s an off-the-spectrum hatemonger cloaking himself as a voice of principled opposition, and he richly deserves to be shunned.

Mark Harris writes eloquently about Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game, boycotts, and gay Spider-Man. Read all about it!

Scandal is, one might argue, ludicrous and indefensible trash, but if so, it’s trash with a capital T, a bedazzled R, an anarchy-symbol A, a neon S, and an H that stands for “Holy s—, I can’t believe they did that!”

Mark Harris loves Scandal, and so should you.

When I hear right-wing talk-radio hosts and ideologues rail against ‘the culture of violence’ as represented in the fictional mayhem of movies, television and videogames while they shrug off actual bloodshed, I wonder if they are human.

Columnist Mark Harris has some thoughts about violence and Hollywood in the wake of Newtown.

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