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Inside this week's EW


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In case you need a reminder of how much you love Bill F’ing Murray. 

Watch the trailer for St. Vincent

This week in EW: Mindy Kaling takes the lead in our New Hollywood issue, which highlights the 50 most exciting and creative talents currently blowing up the industry — including actors, filmmakers, showrunners, producers, authors, musicians, comedians, and costume designers.

What’s on Shailene Woodley’s career bucket list? What was Michael B. Jordan’s most thrilling celebrity encounter? What’s the worst career advice Orphan Black‘s Tatiana Maslany ever received? What was the role that changed everything for Joseph Gordon-Levitt? You’ll find out inside!

Who was Saturday Night Live's best host this season?

Aww yeah — Melissa McCarthy’s SNL future is so bright, she has to wear shades!

Whoa — Adam Scott could have played Jim on The Office. And Melissa McCarthy’s husband (the air marshal from Bridesmaids) auditioned for Michael! And Chloe O’Brian auditioned for Pam!!

Minds blown, all around.

It’s not about romance or anything. I wanted it to be kind of groundbreaking in that way because I feel like so much stuff for women always has to have, “Okay, we have to have some nod to the ladies.” Nah, nobody is desperately trying to find a boyfriend, or is upset about this or that. It’s cool to play two women characters who are just great at what they do; them being women doesn’t affect anything really other than that these are two funny women.

Director Paul Feig on his new Melissa McCarthy/Sandra Bullock buddy cop comedy. (Yes, please.) Here’s the trailer.

Even if none of these fine folks won Emmys last night, they were still responsible for some of the night’s best moments. (Also, why didn’t each of them win like, six Emmys last night?)

McCarthy’s homage to the queen of all drag queen!

This Week’s Cover: Melissa McCarthy rules our 2011 Comedy Issue

So much awesome here that I can’t even finish this sent

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