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Inside this week’s EW

Inside this week's EW


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Sometimes I really do wonder who runs the EW tumblr.

Do these guys have special interviews where someone measures their sass?

Do they also fangirl/boy over kittens on YouTube, books, Loki and TV shows or are they all professionals?

<fourthwallbreak>Hello, my name is Hillary.</fourthwallbreak>

It’s a slow news day before a three-day weekend

Meaning we’ve got a little extra time on our hands. Got any questions (that aren’t internship-related)?


Entertainment Weekly published the 100 All-Time Greatest. Being the entertainment addict that I am, I decided what would be more fun than to work my way through each list and watch, listen to, and read until all have been completed. This blog will chronicle my journey and help me keep track on my way to that goal.

And so we go…

You are a gentle(wo)man and a scholar, EW Addict, whoever you are.

Because you’re right — this should be rebloggable.

This is happening next week, people.

Open a new tab, compare, and contrast — what do you think of our new design?


Oh, if only they knew the truth about us..

Oh, we know the truth.

Citizens of the Internet, we’ve reached a milestone: This may be the first major web acquisition announced via GIF.

Also, we talked to one Internet expert who thinks we should all be freaking out, and another one who thinks we shouldn’t be. So, you know, take that for what it’s worth.

dontevenknowwhatpageyoureon said: Is this sarcasm? Because tumblr is definitely obsessed with J Law

What’s sarcasm?

Hey L.A.: Get ready for EW’s first-ever CapeTown Film Festival, a 30th anniversary screening of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Expect mass geekery, as well as special appearances by some famous faces and beloved characters from the Jedi universe. It’s all going down (when else?) May the Fourth

Remember when you guys asked what it’s like to intern at EW? Well, sometimes, it means you get to go to the Oscars.

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