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What does a certain clothing catalogue have to do with the new Green Lantern movie?

What’s your character math?

Let Sandra Gonzalez explain:

This weekend, while reading the latest EW Summer Movie Math post, I starting thinking about how I perceive myself – in movie math terms.

We all relate to different aspects of our favorite characters on TV and in movies, but it’s a whole other (very time-consuming) game when you try to calculate your personal movie math — which, for these purposes, we’ll call Character Math. It took me two days of sporadic thought to come up with something satisfactory. Here’s what I concluded (share yours, too, so I’m not the only painfully self-absorbed person here!): 

Ron Swanson – mustache + Blair Waldorf – [money + lots of pretty clothes] + Cher Horowitz’s driving skills + Cameron Fry = Sandra

Verrrry interesting. I haven’t given the matter enough thought to come up with a firm equation, but I know mine will involve Meg Murry (from A Wrinkle in Time), Liz Lemon, and a healthy dose of Daria (sensing a pattern?). Hows about you?

Combine these eight movies, and you’ll be left with Super 8.

It’s kind of adorable watching Charles Xavier (Nanny?) help the future X-People take the first steps toward becoming the heroes we know them to be.

Here’s the evidence, as if this required further explanation.

Want to know way too much about every major movie premiering this summer? Then check out EW’s brand spankin’ new Summer Movie Guide, your source for trailers, clips, exclusive pictures, and reviews of Harry Potter, The Hangover Part II, The Help, and everything in between — plus plenty of fun new features like the Summer Movie Body Count and Movie Math. Click around and let us know what you think!

New Movie Math: Pirates 3 minus Pirates 1 equals Pirates 4, give or take one mermaid.

Say hello to EW’s new Movie Math feature! This week’s edition: the Hangover-free equation for Bridesmaids.

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