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Inside this week's EW


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Caption contest, anyone?

We’ll go first: “You can’t see it, but I’m peeing into a bucket right now. Awwwwwwwwww yeah.”

Christmas Eve just got one-upped: On Dec. 23, Fuse will air all 17 of Beyoncé’s new videos, starting at 8 p.m. ET. Should we just call it “B’Day”?

As if you didn’t already know: Beyoncé’s self-titled “visual album” — which, of course, was available exclusively on iTunes — sold a ridiculous 828,773 copie in just three days, making it the music platform’s fastest selling album ever. Let us celebrate by staring into her hypnotic eyes.

It’s that time again: This week in EW, we rank the year’s top 10 movies, TV shows, albums, singles, and books. Take a seat, put up your feet, and get comfy; this may take awhile.

For this week’s cover story, Katy Perry gave EW an all-access pass to her crazy world. We spent a week criss-crossing the globe with Perry, traveling from L.A. to London, Berlin, and New York… and yes, spoiler alert: We saw  her boobs.

I have different playlists for each that I feel is the rhythm of that character, whether that’s how they walk or would dance, or the internal chaos going on inside them, or the melody of their voice. Sarah’s music is like the Clash, Dizzee Rascal, and the Streets. Helena’s music is Antony and the Johnsons and Tom Waits. Cosima is Grimes and electro/Diplo music. Alison is show tunes, Les Miz and West Side Story.

Tatiana Maslany tells us how she gets into character(s).

André “André 3000” Benjamin is playing Jimi Hendrix in an upcoming biopic. Here’s a first look at the Outkast in character — think he’ll pull this one off?

Every week, Entertainment Weekly gives you tips on the latest, greatest ways to spend your limited time and money. With our new special 100 All-Time Greatest issue — out on newsstands Friday, June 28 — we take on nothing short of entertainment history.

This week in EW: Our summer music preview, featuring Bruno Mars and a pretty cool cat.

We thought two or three of you might want to know all the details of Darren Criss’s very first solo tour, which will conquer the U.S. and Canada this summer.

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