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Christmas Eve just got one-upped: On Dec. 23, Fuse will air all 17 of Beyoncé’s new videos, starting at 8 p.m. ET. Should we just call it “B’Day”?

Are you “Applausing" Lady Gaga’s new music video?

Watch the probably vaguely NSFW video here.

Bruno Mars has gone full-on Betamax for his “Treasure” music video. It’s all there: The suits, the setting, and the bong-water video effects. Who knew it’s secretly been 1978 all year?

Discussion questions about John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John’s incredible "I Think You Might Like It" Christmas music video:

1. Why does this video have the production values of a local car dealership commercial?

2. When did Travolta grow a Kevin Richardson chin cozy?

3. Why is Olivia driving so slowly? (Is it because she’s used to doing it on the opposite side of the street?)

4. Is “Then we’re gonna hide away / Making love all night” the least convincing lyric ever when it’s sung by these two?

5. Is the line dancing supposed to be a tone-deaf nod to “Gangnam Style?” And not a question, but: Man, their moves have really gone downhill since the glory days.

6. Why is that random family reuniting at a private airport, or possibly a car rental place?

7. Where did Liv and John get their matching Elmo-red sweaters?

8. Could this be the Internet’s best GIF?

9. All in all, is “I Think You Might Like It” a total embarrassment, an incredible camp artifact, or both?

We always had an inkling that there was something special about that Kelly Clarkson — but who knew she can walk on water?

Watch this new music video for “Die Young,” then show us on the doll where Ke$ha touched you.

Wait a minute — is Justin Bieber’s new video just a thinly-veiled homage to Aaron Carter’s “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)”? Are Justin Bieber and Aaron Carter the same person?! Let’s look at the evidence.

Justin Bieber spent the week pretending that his laptop was stolen… but in reality, the whole thing was just a publicity stunt for his new music video. It’s all water park fun for now — but Bieber better be careful, lest he becomes the boy who cried “personal footage.”

Haven’t thought about Frankie Muniz since, oh, 2004? That’s about to change. (He’s directing now!)

The Biebs is having his own “Can’t Be Tamed” moment. For proof, check out the video for Bieber’s sexy, sultry, look-at-me-I’m-older single, “Boyfriend.”

Since we still feel pretty weird about even writing the words “sexy,” “sultry,” and “Bieber” in the same sentence, it might still be some time before we’ve accepted that he’s all grown up.

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