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'Star Wars Musical' sends up the Disney side of the 'Star Wars' galaxy. 

Read about it here

She really is a funny girl, that Anna!

Jeremy Jordan does a mean Elsa.

How did Aladdin on Broadway get the set for “Friend Like Me” to look this cool? Six-time Tony-winning set designer Bob Crowley walks us through.

Our Valentine’s Day gift to you: Anna Kendrick on your new favorite movie, The Last Five Years. (Yes, it’s a musical.) Here, for example, is how she bonded with costar Jeremy Jordan:

The first day that we had rehearsal together, we just were going through music, and that night we decided to go out for drinks and I basically got him super-duper drunk.

Not like we’re a Frozen fanblog now, or anything… but one more thing: Actual video footage of the movie’s stars singing live last weekend. (FF to 1:30 for “Let It Go.)


For the first time in forever (slash the only time… ever), the cast of Frozen performed the movie’s music live together — and we were there.

The move has been rumored for a few months, but this marks the first time Fox has confirmed it. Ding-dong, the choir room’s dead!

Disney has confirmed to EW that Frozen is in early development for the stage. In other words: “LET IT GO” LIVE. Who’s ready for a celebratory snowball fight?

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