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Pinkeye got you down? Don’t worry, Bob — we’ve got you covered.

The Olympics open with Bob Costas reporting from… Elsa’s ice palace?

I think we’d all do this whole thing a favor if we just shut up and watched, and then in a year we all sort of weighed in on what happened….You know, thank God we couldn’t live-tweet Jackie Robinson’s first at-bat in major league baseball. Maybe he would have folded under the pressure.

Two black women who just auditioned for SNL — plus W. Kamau Bell, quoted above — weigh in on the show’s hiring process, its diversity issues, and what they’d like to see happen next.

Look who’s playing Rosemary in NBC’s upcoming four-hour miniseries Rosemary’s Baby Zoe Saldana!

Parks and Rec's 100th episode retrospective is 20 minutes long, and worth every second. (Perd Hapley’s intro song alone is sensational. Ya heard?)

The Dean-sational Jim Rash gives us a tour of Greendale’s teacher’s lounge — just in time for tonight’s Community premiere.

Community decides to ape Mad Men with a promo that tells you as little as humanly possible while making every word uttered seem like the most important thing ever said.

YESS: NBC plans to put on another live musical in 2014.

Which one do you think they should pick?

Okay, who else just got all tingly?

The definitive ranking of every song in The Sound of Music. How did your most beloved tunes — your favorite things, if you will — fare? Finding out is much easier than making a romper out of a pair of curtains.

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