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Benedict Cumberbatch joins Warner Bros.’ ‘Jungle Book: Origins’


Arrow fans—meet Komodo.

TVD x The Originals?

Yes, please. 

The Scream series is happening.

(Details here)

Thrones wins, you guys

GoT whacks The Sopranos for HBO’s most popular show ever. 

It’s true: Stephen Colbert is the new Letterman!

(But what’s gonna happen to Craig Ferguson?)

Anyone want to carpool to DC this November?

North Dakota news anchor A.J. Clemente accidentally drops an f-bomb his very first day on the job. Soon, he’s gonna discover that milk was a bad choice.


Amanda Knox, the young American woman convicted of murdering her British roommate back in 2007, is now free after a jury in Perugia, Italy, on Monday partially overturned the guilty verdict from her previous trial.

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Hail King Obama! This supposedly happened last week, and Obama has been sitting on this news playing games. Comes out with a fake birth certificate and now schedules this “announcement” during Trump’s show.

10 years, folks. 10 years! What are we celebrating? Obama in 2012 or 10 years of incompetence and a hogtied war?

Now all we need is a new animated pixar film called “Weekend at Osama’s”. I hate to say this, but I would have preferred to keep this man alive another couple of years. That way, the masked soldier who shot Osama wouldn’t have to give credit for his kill to the King.


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