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Sad news: TV great Sid Caesar has died at the age of 91. (Don’t know who Sid Caesar is? You should.)

We asked nine stars to tell us about their favorite movie kisses of all time, and Twilight's Jackson Rathbone gave the correct answer: This iconic smooch from Gone With the Wind.

"I’m a big Southerner and there is this power and strength behind those characters," he explained. "And hoop skirts. It is all about the hoop skirts, girls. They are sexy. You could have just about anything under those skirts and they intrigue me like, ‘What is going up under there, my lady?”

Today’s Marilyn Monroe’s birthday; she would have been 85. Celebrate the occasion by clicking through this gallery of rare photos of the star from 1948, when her career was just getting started, at LIFE.com.

RIP, Jack Cooper, you little rascal.

Can’t blame men for wanting him. […] Dad somewhat enjoyed being called gay. He said it made women want to prove the assertion wrong. Did Dad ever experiment sexually? I don’t know. Have I ever experimented sexually? Have you? If experimentation makes one gay, then my guess is that most of the world is gay.

Cary Grant’s daughter Jennifer addresses the rumors about her movie star dad’s sexuality in her new memoir, Good Stuff (in stores today.)

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