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Ichabbie’s almost-goodbye, The Good Wife's Great Desk Clearing of 2013, Fitz telling Olivia to watch him earn her — and seven more shows/scenes that made our list of the year’s top shipper moments.

Gentlefriends, start your squees.

Presenting our 16 Entertainers of the Year, including a heavyweight in Gravity, a hard twerker, a TV game-changer, one very Grumpy Cat… and, of course, Olitz.

Question time, Gladiators: How should Scandal handle Kerry Washington’s real-life pregnancy?

Kerry is hosting SNL.

Our bodies are ready.

Jake was sent to watch Olivia. Now, Jake let his emotions and his feelings for her get in the way of his job to a point; although, he never stopped watching her and never stopped looking out for her, but he also didn’t know the president was in a relationship with her. So there was no betrayal. There was no direct betrayal of Fitz with his relationship. If there was EVER a betrayal, it was when Fitz asked if there was another man. Jake, I think as most men would, said there wasn’t — instead of saying, ‘Yeah, dude, I’m now sleeping with your ex-girlfriend because I didn’t know she was your ex-girlfriend because you didn’t f—ing tell me she was your ex-girlfriend when we started this thing.’ That’s in defense of Jake. Jake’s always been a man who had a task to do and that’s all he’s always done. And can you blame him? Olivia’s a strong, powerful, beautiful, intelligent woman. I think any man would fall for her, and if she seems to be available and free and is reciprocating those feelings? That’s my Jake defense.

Scott Foley believes Scandal's Jake gets a bad rap. Think he has a point?

Scandal's most scandalous kisses, all gathered in one handy supercut.

You’re welcome.

New Fitz/Olivia scene from the Scandal premiere? It’s handled.

Been too long since you’ve seen a hot kiss between Scandal‘s Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and Olivia (Kerry Washington)? Well, here’s an exclusive deleted scene from season 2’s DVD.

You’re welcome

Psst, Gladiators: We’ve got your Scandal season 3 promo right here.

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