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Congrats to Lupita Nyong’o on being named @peoplemag’s most beautiful! #TBT to when she graced our Oscars 2014 cover alongside Cate Blanchett.


Even more behind-the-scenes Oscars photos are right over here.

I’m not racist. I date a lot of black people.

Come on, Chelsea Handler — can’t you do better than that?

Justin Bieber stars IN: Your Creepy Ex-Boyfriend.


In the best photo of the night: Here’sBenedict Cumberbatch, proving that white men really can jump.

Our hearts can’t take it either, Cumber Collective.

The Reichenbach Leap!

On second thought, maybe Lupita isn’t just joking around.

Guys — this really happened.

And Leto wins the Oscar for leaning great!


j.law trips are the best kind of trips. 

It’s the “help me, I’m MELTIIIING” claw that really makes this fall.


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