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Okay, who’s the jerk who stole Leslie and Ben’s lock from Paris’s Pont des Arts?

Parks and Rec's 100th episode retrospective is 20 minutes long, and worth every second. (Perd Hapley’s intro song alone is sensational. Ya heard?)

Hmm — one of these things is not like the others. Mindy Kaling doesn’t seem to think that’s a big deal — but do you?
















Uh oh…

You think you can just waltz into Friday night with a smirk like that?! WE INVENTED THAT SMIRK.



A smirk off?

There’s no out-smirking Reddington

There’s no out-smirking Reddington? HA!

Would you like to try that again?

Does this count?

Clearly you guys never took Micro-Smirks 101. 

You can’t teach this smirk. 


Jim Halpert created the smirk.

*knocks* Did someone say smirk-off?

Woah, what about the ladies?!

Hello, ladies.

Careful who you’re catcalling, Adam!


Never thought we’d say this, but we really miss you guys!


This warms the cockles of our heart.

Slow clap.

The first thing people say to me, infuriatingly, is ‘Why do you think people think you’re so manly?’ So I start the chapter by saying, ‘Look, I understand why on the surface you might think a Snickers bar is a meal — it’s packed with peanuts, it really satisfies, it’s got a nice thick dimension — but when you break it down, it’s actually a candy bar.’ And by the same token, I see the mustache, I use tools, I don’t suffer fools gladly, I don’t mince about in the public eye as frequently, so I understand why people would say, ‘Oh, that guy seems like he’s very manly.’ I’m quick to remind the audience that I’m, of my family and my community, I’m the one who went away to theater school to find a career in the arts. I have studied ballet, I have worn tights, I wear makeup every day at work, I love to cry openly at a Pixar film. So I don’t think I’m as manly as you think.

Nick Offerman — a.k.a. Ron Swanson — lays down the law in an interview about his new book.

Guess who’s taking a trip from Pawnee to Springfield?

Think these snubbed stars and shows deserved Emmy nominations? That’s what EW’s annual EWwy Awards are all about.

Click through to see which comedies, dramas, and actors from each made the cut, then vote for your favorites. The winners will receive both everlasting glory and snazzy little sheep statuettes (“ewe”-ys — get it?).

Voting begins… NOW!

Get ready to treat yo’ self to Aziz Ansari’s new book scheduled to be released in 2015.

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