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Here’s your first look at Paul Rudd in Ant-Man (and he looks like he just got his ass kicked).

This week in EW: We go deep inside Ron Burgundy… and Brian Fantana… and Brick… and Champ. Plus: Fall movie preview!

Before your favorite celebrities were famous, they shilled for Pringles, and Burger King, and Super Nintendo. (Yes, that’s Paul Rudd.)


(World, please don’t end until we see this movie.)

We’re in a glass case of emotion!

Paul Rudd Pitches Harvey Weinstein from Paul Rudd


Paul Rudd pitches some marketing ideas to Harvey Weinstein.

‘It’s the Brooklyn Dodgers! It’s the Brooklyn Dodgers!

We emailed Rudd to ask what it was like to act opposite Weinstein (despite the lack of a shot of the two of them, they were in fact in the same room), and here’s what he wrote back: ”It was great and he was hilarious. Although, it was a little strange telling him to get out of his own office. And that Pulp Fiction was just kind of okay (in truth, I love it). And lick some of his personal photographs. I did some other horrible things that didn’t make the cut. He’s a good sport. I will say though that throwing his Oscar was something I did when he had to leave the room for a few minutes.” Smart move, Paul.

You are definitely the stud muffin of Wet Hot.

[Laughs] If that’s the case, I attribute it to the cutoff jean shorts. And the bandana in the back pocket. That was always the uniform of “that guy.” I lifted the bandana right from Matt Dillon in Little Darlings.

Read the rest of our interview with Stud Muffin Paul Rudd here!

Wet Hot American Summer director David Wain and his co-writer Michael Showalter confirmed they have been seriously thinking about writing a second film set at Camp Firewood. Actors Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Christopher Meloni, Janeane Garofalo, and David Hyde Pierce have all told Entertainment Weekly they would appear in a sequel to the camp movie spoof.

How is this man turning 42 years old today? He must be bathing in the blood of virgins or something, right?

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