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Be still, our little shipper hearts!

Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam and makeup artist Michelle Garbin take us behind the scenes of FX’s hit in this awesome photo gallery, which features plenty of black and white (and full color!) eye candy.

In case you missed it: The most effective way to kill one suburban teenager is by turning dozens of people into vampire soldiers, ambitious women are all evil, everyone is an ethnic stereotype, and 12 other life lessons we learned from the Twilight saga.

Did you know that Cary Grant almost played James Bond in Dr. No? It’s true — and he’s not the only star who got thisclose to being 007.

Get out your hanky — we’re remembering 10 of animation’s most devastating deaths.

Angie’s pouting because her performance in Alexander made our list of worst movie accents ever — but at least she’s in good company. Her father (Jon Voight), her fiance (Brad Pitt), and, er, Jessica Simpson all got cited as well.

No, the guy on the left did not grow up to become the guy on the right. We debunk The Tale of The Wonder Years' Paul and Marilyn Manson, plus 10 other pop culture urban legends, in this new photo gallery.


(More exclusive photos of our new favorite boy band here.)

We’ve ranked the best and worst superhero costumes. Guess where Halle Berry as Catwoman falls?

We asked nine stars to tell us about their favorite movie kisses of all time, and Twilight's Jackson Rathbone gave the correct answer: This iconic smooch from Gone With the Wind.

"I’m a big Southerner and there is this power and strength behind those characters," he explained. "And hoop skirts. It is all about the hoop skirts, girls. They are sexy. You could have just about anything under those skirts and they intrigue me like, ‘What is going up under there, my lady?”

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