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Can Andy Serkis and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes save the summer? 

Photo Credit: Rankin for EW

Transformers just released 20 new photos from Transformers: Age of Extinction. 

Here are 10, and 10 more here

Image Credit: Industrial Light & Magic

Oh God, the ’70s are about to ruin Mad Men. Why? Why??

Five exclusive, never-before-seen photos of 22-year-old Kurt Cobain on Nirvana’s first European tour? Yes, please.

This adorable little tyke grew up to be a director who loves sinister humor, heroes in costume, and Halloween.

Can you guess who?

Did you miss Jack Nicholson’s 75th birthday? Don’t worry — there’s still time to celebrate the three-time Oscar winner by checking out these rare, unpublished photos from LIFE, which show the actor clowning around at his Los Angeles home in 1969.

Here come the Men in Black — for the third time. We’ve got six exclusive pics from MIB 3, including peeks at the movie’s groovy retro aliens. (The plot involves Will Smith’s Agent J traveling back to 1969 to prevent an evil alien named Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement) from assassinating Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K, played in his younger incarnation by Josh Brolin.)


(More exclusive photos of our new favorite boy band here.)

This is The Voice—and this is the series’ crazy, futuristic new stage. It looks like a giant videogame that might attack you, or a really cool place to duel with lightsabers. Check out more exclusive photos at EW.com.

A buddy at Interview has just alerted us to the existence of this amazing photo, from Rhys Ifans’s upcoming movie Mr. Nice. (You can read an interview with Ifans at their site.)

Is the guy in the corner meme-ready, or what?

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