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Kristen Stewart at last night’s Breaking Dawn — Part 2 premiere: Sheer genius, or “oops, looks like you forgot to wear a dress”?

Michelle Pfeiffer, looking foxy at yesterday’s Dark Shadows premiere in L.A. Get more red carpet photos — including shots of Johnny Depp and Chloe Moretz — in our gallery.

Roberts De Niro and Downey Jr. both looked dapper at a special Tribeca Film Festival screening of The Avengers on Saturday. Nice shiny blazer, RDJ!

And there are more red carpet pics where this came from.

Man, how friggin’ adorable are the kids from Super 8? We’ve got more red carpet premiere photos—J.J. Abrams! Steven Spielberg! Josh Holloway, for some reason!—at EW.com.

Did you guys know that Stacey Dash—a.k.a. Dionne from Clueless—is starring in a new scripted series on VH1? It’s called Single Ladies,* and it premieres May 30. Get a sneak peek at the show by watching this exclusive clip, only at EW.com.

*Now put your hands up!

Man, this list looks bleak without Mad Men. (But Breaking Bad will be back July 17!)

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