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I know exactly what films I’ve done that f—ing suck donkey.

Ashton Kutcher, beacon of self-awareness.

When I was young, I had a TV show idea called Let’s Get Outta Here! I thought it would be a great MTV show, which is just a bunch of attractive people running place to place. They all meet up in a park and look at each other and they’re like, ‘Let’s get outta here!’ And they just run to the next place. Maybe when they run from place to place, one of them gets in a fight, and two of them become a couple—it doesn’t matter. The point is: They have to get somewhere, and then they have to get the hell outta there.

Amy Poehler: World’s most quotable woman?

Once they’d arrived in the city, the kids were reminded that they still had two songs to write for Nationals. This is where we’re expected to believe that Mr. Schuester would (1) let his kids wait until the day before competition to write two songs, (2) let his kids write the songs period, and (3) not have some sort of backup plan that included them rehearsing previously recorded songs from other artists. But I’m not nitpicking. Nope.

Sandra’s last Glee recap of the season is pretty great. What did you guys think of the finale?

Mr. President, first question: Are you talking to me? And second question: Did you f—- my wife? Merci beaucoup.

A poor, misguided French journalist attempting to provoke Robert De Niro during a Cannes press conference. After a long pause, De Niro gave his response: “I don’t think so.”

1. “I want to get chocolate wasted.” —Alexys Nycole Sanchez (Grown Ups)
2. “There is a higher power that will judge you for your indecency.” “Tom Cruise?” —Amanda Bynes and Emma Stone (Easy A)
3. “If you guys were the inventors of Facebook, you’d have invented Facebook.” —Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network)
4. ” …A million dollars isn’t cool You know what’s cool?” “A billion dollars. And that shut everybody up.” —Justin Timberlake and Andrew Garfield (The Social Network)
5. “You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.” —Tom Hardy (Inception)

MTV reveals to EW exclusively the nominees for the newest category at the MTV Movie Awards: Best Line from a Movie. Funny; looks like they all came from trailers. (See who’s up for Best Female Performance and Best Male Performance as well here.)

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