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That’s right, ladies — we’ve been recapping Catfish in GIF form. GASP!!

Our massive Arrested Development season 4 recap: IT’S COMING.

And here’s what recapper Annie Barrett is eating to prepare:

–juice box (box of wine)
–a banger in the mouth
–a whole thing of candy beans
–sour balls that have rolled out of my pocket
–frozen banana (what could it cost, $10?)
–an ice cream sandwich
–Cloudmir vodka jello shots (SHE’S MIXING!)
–Beef Consommé
–bag-and-boil Chicken Teriyaki or Marsala
–cornbread balls (Cornballer approximation)
–tuna melt (The Ike and Tina Tuna  approximation)
–everything in my apartment (Skip’s Scramble approximation)
–anything… with club sauce

We’d Calcutta bitch if she stood between us and Schmidt.

Sorry, every other recap — your headline loses.

We’re back to another exciting episode of TLC’s ‘The Crasters.’

James Hibberd’s Game of Thrones recaps are required reading.

Once they’d arrived in the city, the kids were reminded that they still had two songs to write for Nationals. This is where we’re expected to believe that Mr. Schuester would (1) let his kids wait until the day before competition to write two songs, (2) let his kids write the songs period, and (3) not have some sort of backup plan that included them rehearsing previously recorded songs from other artists. But I’m not nitpicking. Nope.

Sandra’s last Glee recap of the season is pretty great. What did you guys think of the finale?

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