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Sarah Paulson

He said: Sarah Paulson’s lot in life is to never win the Emmy she deserves for her relentlessly astonishing work on various iterations of American Horror Story. She’s like Jon Hamm, if all of Jon Hamm’s fellow nominees were also his costars. But, like, consolation prize: She wins all the awards for this dress, which sort of looks like a recap of the first three seasons of American Horror Story translated into a Jackson Pollock painting. Are people hating on this dress? Do they not appreciate the fact that it looks like blood snow falling on a dark night of the soul? I bet Ryan Murphy casts this dress in season 4. A

She said: No. It looks like what’s inside a container you’re afraid to open because it’s been in the fridge waaay too long. D

More Emmys Red Carpet He Said/She said from Darren Franich and Hillary Busis here

Kristen Wiig and Julia Roberts KILLED IT on the red carpet at tonight’s Emmys.

Photo credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images.

Natalie Dormer looks STUNNING at tonight’s Emmys. Our full red carpet gallery.

SLAYYY, TAYLOR! SLAYYYY. 32 more celeb looks from the VMAs.

All of the scenes from our annual Comic-Con Bash atop the Hard Rock San Diego. (including GIFs!)

Red (blue) carpet: http://ow.ly/zHKNi 
Around the party: http://ow.ly/zHL16 
Phhhoto GIFs from the Party: http://ow.ly/zHLei 

Photo Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images


Okay, so The Mortal Instruments is flopping at the box office — but we can agree that star Lily Collins’s red carpet choices have been on point.

The most difficult question of all: Which Knowles sister stunned most on the Grammys red carpet yesterday?

The first thing I do when I get off a carpet is take my heels off, rub my makeup everywhere, and basically pick up a garbage can and go ‘Rawwrrrrr!’ and dump it all over my head.

Jennifer Lawrence, a.k.a. everyone’s celeb BFF.

So much red at the Globes! Whose crimson couture was your favorite?

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