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Justin Bieber stars IN: Your Creepy Ex-Boyfriend.

Save the date. Spring Break forever.

Save the date. Spread the word.

Thus spoke Owen Gleiberman.

Selena Gomez’s ace Justin Bieber burn: A++, would listen to again.

Bikinis and big booties, yo! That’s what life is about!

Spring Breakers looks bananas, guys. Here’s the trailer.

Hmm — a newly-single Justin Bieber performed “Cry Me a River” at his last concert. Is he trying to tell us something?

My new boy really likes to flaunt this/ He’s not hiding me, you know/ He’s showing me off, you know

Selena Gomez, in her new single “Bang Bang Bang.” Could she be referring to ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas? We do know that Selena’s current beau, Justin Bieber, has no problem puckering up in public.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s Awkward Kissing Tour 2011 continues! We love this picture the most, mostly because the way Selena’s holding out her right hand makes it seem like she’s about to say, “What are you doing, dude?”

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