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Yep, these are perfect

'Godzilla' sequel gets June 2018 release date

Godzilla will return to movie screens with a sequel to be released June 18, 2018, Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures announced Thursday.

Expendables, assemble! 

RED ALERT: The director of Troop Beverly Hills wants to make our proposed sequel!!


My cartoon from this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly. (The Must List Issue - May 31, 2013)

Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty cool.

When I was a kid, my mother said, ‘Stephen if you were a girl, you’d always be pregnant.’

There’s context for this Stephen King quote, but we sort of prefer it as is.

Dory just kept swimming… all the way to her very own sequel! Disney/Pixar announced today that Finding Dory will hit theaters in 2015.

“I have waited for this day for a long, long, long, long, long, long time,” Ellen DeGeneres said in a statement, possibly translated from the original Whale. “I’m not mad it took this long. I know the people at Pixar were busy creating Toy Story 16. But the time they took was worth it. The script is fantastic. And it has everything I loved about the first one: It’s got a lot of heart, it’s really funny, and the best part is — it’s got a lot more Dory.”

Exclusive! Disney told us all about two Star Wars spin-offs it has in development — a saga about young Han Solo that focuses on the wisecracking smuggler’s origin story, and a bounty hunter adventure featuring Boba Fett at the center of a rogue’s gallery of galactic scum.

Today in “NO. NO. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES. NO”: Harry Warner’s granddaughter wants to make a sequel to Casablanca.

Is Taken 2 better than the first? Yes — and it’s not the only time a sequel has topped the original. Here’s a list of 15 more, featuring Darth Vader, a bunch of zombies, and Ahnold’s most famous character.

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