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Sesame Street's parody of Homeland — sorry, Homelambis absolutely flawless.



Jimmy Fallon, the Roots and Sesame Street sing “Sesame Street”

Need to know how to get to Sesame Street? These guys can help you out! 

If Thursday’s got you down, this will get you smiling. I dare you to not sing along

Oh man, this is all kinds of awesome.

Wait, maybe this is the best video of a Game of Thrones star on Sesame Street that came out this week.

Queen Cersei! Out of character! Being totally adorable on Sesame Street!

Now we’ve seen everything.

Tom Hiddleston + Cookie Monster = perfection.

Well played, New Yorker — well played.

Kellan Lutz guests on today’s episode of Sesame Street, dropping by to introduce Cookie Monster to a new and exciting word: “vibrate.” Presumably, Sesame‘s writers picked that one because “beefcake” seemed inappropriate for preschoolers.

EW exclusive: Mom-to-be Kristen Bell is coming to Sesame Street!

Downton Abbey + Sesame Street = everything we love. PBS shows gotta stick together!

A bummer of an ending to a real bummer of a story.

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