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Inside this week's EW


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Well, there is an Uber ‘A,’ I will say that. There is an Uber ‘A’ and one would believe after watching last night’s episode that Ezra is a legitimate candidate for being Uber ‘A.’ …I’ve seen some fans commenting that it just doesn’t make sense, what would be his motivation for this, and we agree completely. The fans deserve to know that answer, and we will give it to them in 4B.

PLL showrunner Marlene King explains it all — or, you know, explains that explanations are coming — in our ginormous finale postmortem interview.

We’ve got exclusive alternate shots of the Pretty Little Liars girls from this week’s cover shoot — plus the rundown on their pretty little ensembles.

This week in EW: How ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars are changing the way networks measure success, one photobomb, tweet, status update, and Keek video at a time.

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