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We wrote a whole article about how Jennifer Lawrence is just the best, because we don’t think people on the Internet like her quite enough yet.

I thought, ‘I’m gonna go trip on the steps. That’s what I’m gonna go do.’

Oscar winners — including the ever-charming Jennifer Lawrence — told EW what they were thinking when they heard their names called last night. We’ve got video here.

If you want to win the office pool, bet on Argo, Ang Lee, Daniel Day-Lewis, Jennifer Lawrence, and the rest of these presumptive winners. (We’ve even got picks for the short categories!)

This, my friends, is all you need in a headline.

This is how a 14-year-old Jennifer Lawrence earned her SAG card: with a set of goofy promos for MTV’s My Super Sweet 16. A thousand thank-yous, Internet.

Next up on your new favorite Jennifer Lawrence fan Tumblr: SNL promos with Jason Sudeikis! She shoots a bow, guys!!

I wanted to make a public statement, like: ‘Hey idiots, it’s a quote. From a movie.’

Jennifer Lawrence sets the record straight about her ‘I beat Meryl!’ line at the Golden Globes.

Related: Is it okay that EW’s Tumblr is just turning into a J. Law appreciation blog?

True or false: Bradley Cooper has five nipples.

Ellen knows the answer.

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