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Inside this week's EW


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The highlight of last night’s Tony Awards: If your NBC show gets canceled, at least you’ll always have a home in the theatah!

Oh wow, Smash — that is the definition of adding insult to injury.

Will the students of Greendale live to not study another day? How about the Happy Endings gang, or the residents of Suburgatory's Chatswin? Read on for our assessment of these bubble shows' chances — as well as which series are sure to be canceled. (Sorry, Smash.)


Today in ‘Sucks to be NBC’, the new dating show only notched 3.8M viewers and a 1.6 ratings. That’s with ‘The Voice’s often reliable lead-in. Yikes.

They pushed Smash to Saturdays for this?

We can’t embed it, but trust us — you need to see this. Hint: Marilyn wigs may or may not be involved.

This week in EW: It’s our winter TV preview, complete with an in-depth look at a show everyone wanted to love — and loved to hate.

Excited about the return of Smash? You will be after you watch this exclusive first look at season 2.

Extended preview of Smash's second season! Does anyone else think this looks suspiciously scarfless?

Reaction #1: LIZA! LIZA! SMASH WITH A Z!

Reaction #2: At this point, is there anyone in Hollywood/New York City who isn’t guest-starring on Smash's second season?

We… we won!

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