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Inside this week’s EW

Inside this week's EW


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TV characters who left us this year

A handy graphic from the magazine. Er… spoiler alert.

Look how cool the magazine’s title is this week!

And, oh yeah: There’s also an awesome cover story about Sons of Anarchy.

A Tintype artifact. A ménage à snake. A hellish brawl. And then there’s We Are Men’s neck tendons and Chicago Fire‘s pre-heated oven.

Which of these earned A grades in our annual Fall TV Ads gallery — and which totally missed the mark?

Think you know a lot about TV? Prove it.

This week in EW: Need a reason not to budge from your couch until December?

How about 119 of them?

Think these snubbed stars and shows deserved Emmy nominations? That’s what EW’s annual EWwy Awards are all about.

Click through to see which comedies, dramas, and actors from each made the cut, then vote for your favorites. The winners will receive both everlasting glory and snazzy little sheep statuettes (“ewe”-ys — get it?).

Voting begins… NOW!

Picture these faces with ball gags in their mouths. (That’s entertainment!)

Following the legacy of Talking Dead and Talking Bad, Sons of Anarchy is getting its own post-show.

So who thinks it’s going to be called Talking of Anarchy or Sons of Talking?(Because Sons Talking Anarchy doesn’t make sense…actually it does. Oh.)

Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam and makeup artist Michelle Garbin take us behind the scenes of FX’s hit in this awesome photo gallery, which features plenty of black and white (and full color!) eye candy.

This week in EW: Be thankful for the early release of our latest issue, which takes a closer look behind the scenes of FX’s most successful series ever.

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