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This is how we feel when Twitter goes down.

Every week, Entertainment Weekly gives you tips on the latest, greatest ways to spend your limited time and money. With our new special 100 All-Time Greatest issue — out on newsstands Friday, June 28 — we take on nothing short of entertainment history.

Here comes Honey Boo Boo, all the way to South Park, Colorado. Doesn’t she look just like a fatter Butters with longer hair?

The ending of last night’s South Park finale—especially this surprisingly poignant fight between Stan’s parents, which starts around the one minute mark—sure seemed to imply that Trey Parker and Matt Stone are getting tired of their signature show. Do you think "You’re Getting Old" could be the beginning of the end?

Hurry—you’ve still got 18 minutes to vote in our Greatest Animated TV Series Ever poll!

What’s the greatest animated show of all time? We’re not totally sure—but we do know that it’s one of these 25 awesome cartoons. Click through our gallery of nominees, then vote for your favorite in our poll. Only you can prevent Family Guy (or South Park, or The Simpsons, or whatever megasuccessful animated series you secretly hate) from snagging the crown.

An important addition to the great Simpsons vs. Family Guy debate: Is South Park actually better than both of them?

Trey (who also reveals, amazingly, that he played a lead in his high school’s all-white production of Flower Drum Song) is into Rodgers and Hammerstein, while Matt’s a Fiddler on the Roof man. Sounds about right for Stan and Kyle.

Judging by the roars of laughter and applause throughout the first performance, the audience seemed less offended than delighted. Not even a technical malfunction could dim their enthusiasm: When a sound glitch about ten minutes into the first act forced the show to restart from the beginning, the crowd cheered in support as one audience member shouted, “Blame Canada!”

Adam Markovitz’s report from the first preview performance of The Book of Mormon.

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