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Look who’s playing Rosemary in NBC’s upcoming four-hour miniseries Rosemary’s Baby Zoe Saldana!

In attempting to live two concurrent lives (Mr. White the suburban dad chemistry teacher and Heisenberg the meth-cooking drug lord), Walt has actually lived dozens of lives over the course of the show, each of them a pale imitation of the man he used to be. And every time Walt ‘transported’ — which, in this metaphor, means ‘became Heisenberg’ — he lost a little bit more of himself.

Hey, let’s all overthink Badger’s Star Trek pitch from last night’s Breaking Bad!

Benedict Cumberbatch, glowering shirtless in a “shower of evil.” You’re welcome, Internet.

Some poor geek just got a lot poorer.

Artist Juan Ortiz is creating vintage, pulp-inspired movie posters for every single episode of the original Star Trek. And by the way — you can now get them as t-shirts as well. Nerd party!!


So does that mean the revised cover is on the way, or…?

Patience, pets.

This week in EW: We’ve got your first look at Star Trek Into Darkness, which can be found behind two different collector’s covers. And yes, Internet — Benedict’s on one of them.

Ahem, Cumberfans: You might want to watch this space. Specifically, around 6 p.m. ET, when we’re revealing this week’s cover.

(You’re welcome.)

Remember that time J.J. Abrams told us he wasn’t directing Disney’s new Star Wars movie?

Yeah, he totally lied. Get ready for Star Wars: Episode VII: Attack of the Lens Flare.

The Big Bang boys will boldly go where many geeks have gone before in this Thursday’s episode.

Which Star Trek getup is your favorite: Howard as a member of the Borg, Raj as the Klingon security chief Lt. Worf, Leonard as the intrepid Capt. Jean-Luc Picard, or Sheldon as the android Lt. Commander Data?

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