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Sharknado 2 is coming to theaters, for one night only. 

So, does that make it an…..’isolated’ storm? (bahaha). 


Get ready for Sharknado 2. Watch the extended trailer here

Sharknado was obviously the greatest masterpiece ever to hit basic cable. Here’s why.

EW, for one, welcomes our new robot overlords — a.k.a. the stars of Syfy’s Robot Combat League. Meet the whole gang of 12 ‘bots here.

A TV show about real, live, eight-foot-tall robots battling to the death in a futuristic boxing ring? Say no more — we’re there.

Fine, say some more.

With a name like Jersey Shore Shark Attack, everything you need to know is in the title. But here’s a plot description anyway:

Jersey Shore Shark Attack unfolds during the July Fourth weekend at – where else? — the Jersey Shore, where rare swarms of sharks are converging due to illegal underwater drilling. Now the angry sharks are on a rampage, devouring residents, and leaving it up to the locals to try and save the day.

Sirico is Captain Sallie, the wise veteran of boardwalk life and lore. Scalia is Moretti, former Guido beach bum and now police chief.  Sorvino portrays the possibly corrupt Mayor and Atherton is the greedy developer Dolan, who wants to tear down the boardwalk to build a luxury resort where the Guidos will not be welcome. Vinny Guadagnino plays the on-scene reporter Conte and Joey Fatone appears as himself.

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