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The Anaconda Shake-Off is real, and it’s spectacular.

Taylor Swift gets nerdy in Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Ew!’ sketch

Taylor Swift? Ew.

Swift is the latest star to guest on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show sketch “Ew!,” a mock Teen Nick show that features Fallon dressed as a teenage girl who says “Ew!” in response to almost everything. In the sketch, which aired Wednesday, Swift plays a nerdy 13-year-old named Natalie who likes “to eat apricots” and has “a Band-Aid collection.”

Everything that’s wrong about the trailer for The Giver in three images. (And in more excruciating detail here.)

First trailer for The Giver: We’ve got feelings. (Mainly: WHY IS IT ALL IN COLOR.)

All you really need to know about the Grammys. (P.S. We’re live tweeting!)

Guys. Taylor Swift is for real co-starring in The Giver. (She’s playing Rosemary.)

10 things you didn’t see on TV last night during the MTV VMAs. (And it’s more than Chris Kirkpatrick getting marooned on stage.)

Look past the Prancersising woman, and you’ll realize that John Mayer’s new single is totally about Taylor Swift.

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