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Well done, Rob. Well done indeed. 

How we reached GIFus Maximus today. 

We’re makin’ tons of GIFs, you guys. Check ‘em out here: 

We’re capturing candids of every celebrity that comes through our studio at Comic-Con. 

The man, the myth the legend, Jeff Bridges has already stopped by with The Giver cast. 

See more, including Katharine McPhee, Seth Green, Robert Kirkman and more HERE

Best Doctor Who episode to break in a newbie—GO!

Our thoughts here.

Watch the Gotham teaser video that gave us chills. 

5 Seasons of Angel recapped on napkins—because it’s a thing now

Fox releases Comic-Con posters for The Simpsons, Sleepy Hollow, Bones and more

Here’s 3, see the others (Including Gotham, Wayward Pines and Bob’s Burgers) here

The 10 grossest moments from The Strain's debut captured in 7 GIFs. 

“If Daryl dies, we riot”

Here’s a first look at Norman Reedus this season on The Walking Dead.

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