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Ready? Okay! Because Bring It On is headed to Broadway — in the form of a high-flying musical. Crossing our fingers that its incredible opening sequence makes it onstage without being changed one lick.

This is not a cheerocracy.

Eminem has now dissed every celebrity; a nation yawns. We remember some of his best(?) burns at PopWatch. The greatest one, as far as I’m concerned? "Chris Kirkpatrick, you can get your ass kicked."

Congratulations, America—you don’t care about Paris Hilton anymore! The ratings for her new reality show, The World According to Paris, were punishingly low even by Oxygen’s standards: 409,000 viewers total, 274,000 of whom were adults 18-49.

The craziest part: This is not Hilary Duff’s first novel.

You know what the world really needs now, in the year 2011? A cartoon based on Napoleon Dynamite.

What’s that you say? Fox will premiere such a cartoon midseason next year? Heck yes! Now all we need is a serial drama based on Garden State, and we’ll be set.

EW counts down TV’s best proms. Will tonight’s episode of Glee be epic enough to earn a spot in this TV High School Dance Hall of Fame?

Pictured: What’s making me feel old today.

Mid-afternoon nostalgia break! [via Matt Stopera]

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