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The only one in the cast who stuck out like a sore thumb was Shannen. It’s like when you get a paper cut, and someone just purposely squeezes a lemon on it. She was the lemon. She was just so bitchy.

Our oral history of Heathers is so very.

Do you like Phil Collins?

If so, you might also like this news: FX is developing a TV-series sequel to Bret Easton Ellis’s controversial modern classic American Psycho. Here’s the official logline:

“In the new drama series, iconic serial killer Patrick Bateman, now in his mid-50’s but as outrageous and lethal as ever, takes on a protégé in a sadistic social experiment who will become every bit his equal — a next generation American Psycho.”

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to return some videotapes.

RED ALERT: The director of Troop Beverly Hills wants to make our proposed sequel!!

Did you guys check out The Americans on FX last night? Ken Tucker is cautiously optimistic about it; what did you think of the show?

Presenting 2012 in nostalgia — from Matthew Broderick’s Ferris Bueller commercial to Girl Meets World and beyond. (Seriously beyond: There’s something about Fred Durst in there.)

I want to stand up for all the slightly effeminate dorks that are actually heterosexual. Just cause the gaydar is going off, doesn’t mean your instruments aren’t faulty. I’ve had to live with that, and that’s okay.

Jon Cryer says that Pretty in Pink's Duckie was definitely not gay, despite what Molly Ringwald keeps telling everyone.

This is the first sketch of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — and it could be yours for just $6,500!* That’s only, like, 6,500 Snickers bars!

*Or more; it’s being auctioned off.

This is what Pretty in Pink star Andrew McCarthy wore to his own prom. Still think Andie should have gone with Blaine?

Today’s reminder that oh God, we’re all so old: Ferris Bueller cut school 25 years ago tomorrow.

New Sweet Valley spin-off alert! St. Martins is planning a “digital-only” series that will pick up three years after Sweet Valley Confidential left off. It’s going to be called The Sweet Life.

Did you like Sweet Valley Confidential? And do you think you’ll download this new series once it hits Amazon?

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